Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Listening Parties

Everywhere we go, our Campaign for Change hears the same thing:  that people in our community don't feel listened to by the current political leadership.

So to help fix that problem, we've launched a series of Listening Parties that give members of our community an opportunity to voice their concerns about with our state government and what the priorities should be. Carl's plan is to continue these Listening Parties into the general election and make them part of his work as our representative.

Listening parties are very different from traditional "house parties" or "Meet the Candidate" events. They're all about listening, not talking -- they're not about the candidate giving long-winded speeches about themselves, or even asking for support or contributions.  They're about listening to YOUR concerns and priorities first and foremost, because that's what democracy is supposed to be about.

At Saturday's listening party in Nambe, we heard people voice concerns about the poor quality of education in the district and the corruption that plagues our state government. And always the same priority -- change, change and more change!

Carl expressed his support for a more open, honest and responsive government that really listens to and serves the people -- and once again, we've added more support for our Campaign for Change.

Want to host a Listening Party in your community?  Email us at campaign@carltrujillo.com .  We'll do all the work -- all you have to do is invite your friends and share your concerns about the future of New Mexico. 
Now's our time!