Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our response to the Machine's invite to "debate"

On Monday, we received an invitation from the Santa Fe Democratic Party of Santa to participate in a Machine-sponsored public forum.

We welcome honest, fair public debate -- that's a big part of what our campaign is about bringing back to New Mexico.  But we have some issues with this particular invitation...

The Machine's invitation and our response is below.  And you can see the original copy of the letter we sent to them here:

TO:  Richard Ellenberg, Chairman, Santa Fe Democratic Party

As a lifelong Democrat, I believe deeply in the values that the Democratic Party is meant to stand for. Among them, fairness, justice, inclusiveness and transparency.
Time and time again, the Democratic Party of Santa Fe has shown itself to be disinterested in upholding these values.  Time and time again, the local and state Democratic Party Machine puts its own interests and the interests of insiders and political cronies ahead of the needs of the community and the voice of the people.
We and our supporters have witnessed firsthand the way Democratic Party rules are bent or ignored, standards of fairness violated, and bias is exercised to give preferential treatment to Machine candidates over candidates of the people and the values that the Democratic Party purports to stand for.  Your invitation to participate in a forum arranged, moderated, scheduled and formatted by the Democratic Party Machine is just such an abuse.  
Our Campaign for Change is all about standing up for all of those who have suffered because of the abuses of the Political Machine here in northern New Mexico.
Because I am passionately committed to restoring honest, open and fair democratic values to our community, I would be happy to participate in a debate with Mayor Coss in a forum that is not run by or beholden to the Democratic Party Machine, and with scheduling and format mutually agreed upon by the two candidates rather than presented fait accompli by that Machine.
    If such a sponsor can be found, we would be happy to participate in a forum. It would provide a very public platform to focus on the vital issues we hear over and over again from a growing number of supporters, most urgently that New Mexico has for too long been ruled by a corrupt and outdated political machine that cares more about its self-interest than it does about the well-being of the people, and to provide ample evidence, examples and testimonials of such abuses.
    So we decline your invitation to participate in a Machine-sponsored forum.  Which means that if Mayor Coss would like to attend the “debate” you propose, I expect he’ll be debating with himself.  But that’s probably okay – that’s pretty much what the Political Machine here in New Mexico does most of the time anyway.
Meanwhile, we’ll be out in the community spending time listening to the concerns of the people, so we can better represent the people’s needs and concerns in the governance of this great state.

Kind regards,
Carl Trujillo
Candidate for State Representative, District 46

incl:  copy of forum invite

Copy of email:
From: "Richard Ellenberg" 
Date: Mar 19, 2012 11:19 AM
Subject: Forums

To: "Carl Trujillo", "David Coss Carol Rose"

I would like to invite you to two forums, on in Tesuque area and one here at headquarters. I am looking at the week of April 23 Mon-Thur. Please let me know if you have any conflicts. Subject to your impute, the time will be 6-7:30; questions presented to a moderator in writing in advance or at the forum. 3 minute opening. Then the same question to each candidate, rotating who goes first. 2 minute answer. I might add a 1 minute rebuttal each to make it more of a debate format. No closing.

Richard D. Ellenberg, Chair
Democratic Party of Santa Fe County
1420 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505-3548