Monday, May 24, 2010

One Week to Go!

We have just one more week to go before Election Day, and we're happy to report that support for our Campaign for Change increases with every passing day .  Carl Trujillo and his volunteers have been spending all day, every day, listening to community members talk about their concerns for the future of New Mexico.

Through phone calls, emails, personal visits and listening parties, we're hearing the same thing over and over again:  people are ready for change.

We are struggling with record deficits, a public school system that's ranked 49th out of 50 in the country, near 10% unemployment, and a state government listed as the third most corrupt in the nation. To solve these problems, we need to get rid of the old-style "politics as usual" political machine that has controlled our government for too long, and elect leaders that can move us into the future.

Early voting has already started and the last day to vote is June 1 -- cast your vote today for change!